For years I’ve been looking for the perfect weight loss planner. I found a few that were good, but none offered everything I was looking for.

I wanted to create a weight loss planner to keep me motivated, organised, accountable and to help me become a healthier, more confident version of me. Thats how “the weight loss planner” was born.

I truely believe using a weight loss planner is one of the most powerful weight loss tools you could have. There is something very special about reaching goals, reminding yourself of why you’re losing weight and seeing progress.

Based in Australia, I design beautiful weight loss planners to help girls achieve their weight loss goals.  All my planners are designed with love and packaged with care.

I hope my planners inspire and motivate you. I’d love to see pictures of your filled out planner on Instagram.


Try to enjoy the whole weight loss process. Some weeks may be harder than others but always remember you’re heading in the right direction.