5 healthy habits your body will thank you for

2021 is literally just around the corner so there’s no better time to start thinking about some healthy habits that you can commit to for the New Year. Here are 5 healthy habits your body will thank you for. Lemon water in the morning – you’ve probably heard this many times before but having a…

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How To Fill In The Weight Loss Planner

The weight loss planner is an amazing tool for anybody that is on a weight loss journey. It helps you create a clear vision of your weight loss goals and keeps you motivated and accountable. I want you to get the most out of your planner so I’ve put together some tips below on how…

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The Super Easy Way To Meal Plan + Free Printable

Personally, I think taking an hour or so each week to sit down and plan your meals is one of the most important things you can do while on a weight loss journey. Why….?? It will keep you focused throughout the week, making weight loss easier You will throw out less food at the end…

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